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Manage IT Services at Remote Sites with Siemon GPS and the MapIT G2 Intelligent Infrastructure Management System

Do you face any of these challenges?

  • Inaccurate infrastructure documentation
  • Unauthorized changes performed by remote staff
  • Unauthorized activity increasing security risks
  • Critical application downtime takes hours or even day before reported
  • Excessive time and resources consumed in troubleshooting remote network issues
  • Remote MAC work is not done properly and often requires a second site visit to resolve.

Components of MapIT G2 Intelligent Infrastructure Management

A combination of hardware and software designed to help manage the network

  • Documents IT infrastructure - including cabling, active devices and power equipment
  • Automatically discovers patch changes
  • Provide real-time IP asset management to the physical location
  • Enhance endpoint security
  • Generate alarms/events for unauthorized activity on the network
  • End-to-end circuit trace
  • Robust search engine
  • Integrated work order module
  • Run reports

How Does MapIT G2 Track Physical Layer Connections?

  • Sensors embedded in smart patch panels and patch cords
  • Every port on a patch panel is assigned a unique ID
  • Smart panels read the port IDs of connected patch cords via the 9th wire
  • Smart panels relay patch cord connection status information to the Master
  • Master relays this information to a server running the MapIT software

How does MapIT G2 help solve your remote network management challenges?

100% Accurate Infrastructure Documentation

  • Complete view of your infrastructure
    • Physical layer
    • Network devices
  • 2-D Telecommunications Room view
  • Complete end-to-end circuit trace
  • Floor layout shows location of offices
  • Robust search functionality
  • Live data feeds update database automatically

Detect Unauthorized Activity and Enhance Remote Site Security

MapIT G2 Detects:

  • Unauthorized changes to the physical layer
  • Unauthorized devices connected to the network
  • When an IP device is moved

Real-Time Alerts for Critical Network Events

MapIT G2 can send e-mail or trigger external alarms if.

  • A critical device goes down
  • Unauthorized activity is detected
  • An IP device is moved

Faster Remote Network Troubleshooting

MapIT G2 provides a complete end-to-end circuit trace, allowing you to:

  • Quickly determine the source of the network fault
  • Quickly resolve the network issue - sometimes without even dispatching a technician.

Monitor Remote Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC) Work

With MapIT G2's built in Work Order Module you can view status of remote work orders and check to see if the work is done properly.

Detailed work order information can be pushed out to the MapIT G2 equipment and guide the technician on specific details on work to be done. If work is done incorrectly, MapIT G2 can advise the technician and send alerts back to headquarters

Rely on Siemon GPS

Customers around the world rely on Siemon GPS to manage remote site installations. Now with MapIT G2, we can help you manage day two IT services with the same efficiency and attention to detail.

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