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11 Ways to Reduce Risks and Increase Quality of Regional, National and Global Network Infrastructure Roll-outs

Every IT leader strives for the simple management of complex projects, to reduce risk and increase quality, to keep the project on budget and on time. When it comes to the deployment of network cabling in multiple locations, many unique challenges arise - from regional building code differences to the challenges of working on several concurrent projects at once.

In this paper, we'll look at some of the unique challenges of network cabling deployments in multiple locations and how Siemon GPS can leverage its expertise and global capabilities to reduce project risks and increase the quality of infrastructure roll-outs of any size - whether 10 new retail centers need new cabling systems or 100s of healthcare facilities need to be retrofitted and converted.

1. Avoid project delays due to the challenges of handling the resource coordination of multiple cabling product and service vendors
Instead of coordinating countless regional vendors, from installers to suppliers, GPS serves as a single point of contact for national and international resource coordination and management services.
2. Reduce up-front time spent on specifications
GPS has developed the expertise in multi-site rollouts so you don't have to. GPS has the experience to assist you in your design needs - from RFP writing for a project spec to aiding you in defining your IT goals and establishing a design standard. GPS allows clients to focus on their core business instead of "re-inventing the wheel".
3. Handle the rapid deployment of multiple sites with grace
Need to roll-out to 10, 100 or even 1,000 sites concurrently? GPS leverages its global network of installers to get your project done as fast as you need it.
4. Know your Layer 1 foundation
Whether a simple asset inventory, physical survey, or full IT audit, GPS has the resources to give you a picture of your Layer 1 foundation. Retrofitting a facility? GPS can identify cable abatement issues up front and recommend resolutions for all projects.
5. Spend less time on administration and accounting tasks
By relying on Siemon GPS as the single-point of contact for contract administration and accounting, costs are reduced and your time is freed up.
6. Put checks and balances in place
The GPS process uses checks and balances to ensure projects get completed to the required scope of work, on time, and on budget. Customer Satisfaction is part of the GPS checks and balances process.
7. Know when project milestones change
You'll always be in-the-know with 24/7 access to the status of your project via the GPS webTRAC® web-based roll-out tracking system and its configurable email alerts for project milestones. »Learn more and request a demo
8. Count on the support of a global team of network infrastructure experts
Partnering with Siemon GPS brings with it access to Siemon's global resources: technical support, Siemon direct field support personnel, worldwide offices, worldwide material handling, worldwide network of qualified, highly trained Siemon Certified Installers™ and more.
9. Use one vendor for all cabling system products - everywhere
Available where it's needed, Siemon offers a comprehensive range of end-to-end copper and fiber-based network cabling products, cable, racks, enclosures and accessories, data center cabinets, Intelligent Information Management (IIM) systems and more. Learn more
10. Sleep well by relying on stable partners
The Siemon Company is a family owned, stable and reliable specialist in network infrastructures with a history of service spanning over 100 years
11. Get ahead of the competition. Request a quotation from Siemon GPS for a personalized consultation.

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